Meet the Ya!Mule Team

Dwain Hebda

Dwain Hebda
President & CEO

Dwain is an accomplished freelance journalist, author, editor, and storyteller who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Growing up in a newspaper family, wordsmithing is something Dwain learned at an early age and he took to it like a duck to water or, in his case, a mule to tenacity. He covers an array of topics from political to humorous, and in some cases, those topics are one and the same.

You can find his work in more than 35 publications across multiple states each year. His writing has been awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists and he has been a finalist in the Best of Arkansas rankings by AY Magazine. Through his decades of experience, he has honed his craft and sharpened his skills in editorial services to become a proficient user of words, a propagator of phrases, a masterful artist of the written word - a true wordsmith.

Darlene Hebda

Darlene Hebda Administrative Director

Every good journalist records his interviews to ensure the quotes are accurate and the story is told with the proper emotion displayed by those being interviewed. Darlene serves as the transcriptionist of those interviews and is tasked with ensuring accuracy and documenting notes as applicable.

She is also responsible for organizing most of the interviews conducted at Ya!Mule, which can be booked through an email, a phone call, or the online Microsoft Bookings tool. Other things that fall under her purview include invoicing (Gotta keep the lights on.), supply management (You know, pens, paper, software, and other such exciting supplies to keep the machine fed.), running errands (Sometimes you just want a donut.), onboarding of a stray dog or two (What happy office doesn’t include at least one dog?), and procurement of snacks and beverages (This office runs on coffee and Cheetos. Odd combo? Give it a try.).


CashHead of Security

Ya!Mule Wordsmiths prides itself on top-notch security, both cyber and building security, and Cash performs his role with alarming (See what we did there?) ease and diligence. No one enters the office without Cash knowing about it. He runs all background checks and determines whether or not a visitor receives an access pass to visit the office. Need to stop by our office? Cash will be there to greet you at the door!


Hootie Chief Relaxation Officer

Hootie takes relaxation verrrrrry seriously. In fact, she approaches taking it to a whole new level. Hoots can sleep through a thunderstorm, a loud sports program on TV, and all manner of hullabaloo happening in the office. When this girl wants a nap, she takes a nap. And…she highly encourages you to remember to take a few moments to step back, chill out and relax your own self from time to time.


TangoVice President of Snacks

Who says no to snacks? Certainly not this dude! Tango didn’t get to be our Vice President of Snacks by not performing his job ruminatively. He inspects and rates all treats in the office. And honestly, there are very few of which he does not approve. If you stop by our office, there will be refreshments!


Reggie Mews Director

If you listen closely during an interview with Dwain, you just may hear Reggie the Editor Cat chiming in with a few questions of her own. She is very vocal and definitely has opinions she feels need to be shared. She is not afraid to ask difficult questions to drill down to the answers she’s looking to obtain during an interview. Keep your ears open and your answers ready!